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Kohala from Paniau, Puako

Take a Walk Down Puako Beach Road…

Kohala from our bay

Kohala from our bay







is right across the street…

All beaches in Hawaii are public access so there are a dozen or so access paths along Puako Beach Drive. Ours is very close, just walk across the street.


The beach is black lava. This means you need good shoes, like hiking shoes to walk along the shore. To go in swimming you need foot protection at minimum. Like dive booties or thick aqua shoes. Knee, leg, and arm protection – even head protection – is advisable unless you are really good at this kind of beach. Where there isn’t sharp lava, it’s coral. Sand is sparse. But its beautiful! And wonderful for sitting and watching the sun set. Our bay is even a great place to launch kayaks and boards but, again, be aware of the sharp rocks.

TURTLES are Puako’s claim to fame. The bay is full of sea turtles. They are very frequently seen sunning on the black sand beaches between the rocks in Puako. Especially in the evenings when the sun is setting you will see them although you may have to look carefully because they look like the rocks. You often walk right by them.

People who don’t know often think they are dying but they are not. Leave them be! They will sit there for hours without moving or even blinking, but they are fine. It is tragic to see well meaning tourists try to drag a 100 lb turtle back into the waves.

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